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If you are interested in purchasing a different residence to call home, Win Win Realty would like the chance to assist you in realizing that goal. Many factors go into the home buying decision. Those issues have varying levels of importance for each client based upon circumstances. Consider:

•  Location

o How close do you need to be to your work?
o What is the proximity to shopping?
o Are their emergency services nearby?
o Recreational facilities in the neighborhood?
o Are school district and/or daycare facilities important to you?

•  Property

o What amount of acreage would suit you?
o Would you like a single family detached home with small yard?
o If yard is not important – can you consider a condo or townhouse?

•  Structure

o Do you want the exterior to be brick, siding or something else?
o If you want a garage, how many cars
o Is a robust kitchen a necessity?
o Would you need an office in your home?
o Can the house be a 2-story or a ranch?

There are many other questions that could, and should, be answered before you go see your first property. The value of your time cannot be measured. You need to only see houses that could work for you. If they don’t work for you for any reason, simply move on to others that possibly could.

Everybody needs a residence to call home. Perhaps ownership is not the right move for you at this time in your life. If so, we will help find the best rental unit available.

Many people are not aware of this, but a realtor can also find you a house or apartment to rent. Having that representation can be important and the fee is often paid by the landlord at the beginning of the lease. If considering a new rental please contact us for assistance.

STEP 1: Buy vs. Rent

STEP 2: Price Point

STEP 3: The Search

STEP 4: The Offer

STEP 5: Due Diligence

STEP 6: The Closing

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