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Step 3: The Searching Process

Many people are very aware of technology and the many search engines that exist. Those applications can also assist you in finding potential listings of vacant land and houses within certain areas. However, our mission is to help you filter through the good vs the bad in what is out there. Why waste your time looking through many listings that do not fit your needs, or are out of your price range? That is what you pay us to do for you.

Win Win takes great pride in being able to filter through all the listings available and get to the few that could work for you. After introducing ourselves to you, we will ask you to sit down with us and fill out our custom Buyer’s Checklist. This checklist is extremely detailed and includes many things discussed on the website, just with more specifics.

Part of this form will allow us to know things that make our real estate time together more valuable. Searching will be filtered through by us depending on some of the questions answered on the checklist. There may be some properties that closely fit your needs, but may have one or two issues outside the perfect design for you. We can discuss these properties in order to possibly eliminate them, or keep them in your list to visit.

o We can arrange showings that accommodate your schedule.
o Eliminate those properties that do not work for you.
o Track those that are potentials for you to consider making an offer.
o Do some quick numbers analysis of those potentials.
o Analyze the aesthetics positives and negatives beyond the numbers.
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STEP 2: Price Point

STEP 3: The Search

STEP 4: The Offer

STEP 5: Due Diligence

STEP 6: The Closing

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