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Deciding to sell your home is not an easy decision. There can be many reasons to sell your property, some examples include:

A job has dictated that you need to move and relocate where you live.
Your children are now out of your house and you need to downsize in order to reduce cost and maintenance issues.
Currently you live in a small house and your family has grown to the point where you require more space.
Someone in your family has passed away and the property needs to be sold to dissolve the estate.
You are ready to upgrade your living arrangements.

If your situation forces you to sell your property based upon a factor above, or some other factor, we can help walk you through all that is required to sell your home.

We will help you create a plan of action through a step by step process and work diligently to assist you in achieving your goal of selling your house.

Another option to consider is renting your property if it works as a good investment for you. If your home does not have a mortgage, maybe renting the house to a properly qualified tenant is a good alternative. Many times people know immediately that they have no interest in being a landlord, and if that is right for you, then by all means, sell it. However, consider the following:

Is your property in a good rental area?
Do you owe little, to nothing, on the home?
Would you like to continue owning it moving forward?
Can the property possibly appreciate significantly over the next 5 to 10 years?
Are the real estate taxes and insurance low enough to make renting it pay for your new home, or a big chunk of it?

A detailed analysis could be run on your property that would help you decide if there is some reason to continue owning your home, while you move to a different location to live.

This decision is not to be entered into without an end game of what to do with the property later. It often does not work for the vast majority of owners.

As is the case here at Win Win, we want to make sure all potential moves with your real estate are exhausted before moving forward.

STEP 1: Sell vs. Rent

STEP 2: Listing Price

STEP 3: Marketing

STEP 4: The Deal

STEP 5: Sale Preparations

STEP 6: The Closing

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