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This is extremely important to selling your property. To make sure you get the proper value for it, and that it is sold when you need it to be sold, the marketing plan needs to be carefully thought out and designed to make the marketplace recognize your property.

Win Win will put together a top shelf plan to help you sell your home. Our experience has taught us that the best information about your house needs to be distributed via the internet.

Almost all buyers begin their search for real estate via the web. Many real estate studies have documented this fact. Every year since that research has been conducted; a higher percentage of the public has stated is starts by searching on the web. On average, more than 75% of potential buyers, and probably upwards of 90%, start their search on the web.

Sometimes buyers search long and hard on the internet before they even consider getting a realtor. This is usually done to educate themselves on the market of available properties. Some examples of what we will do:

Enter the home into the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The details of your property once listed in the MLS will be distributed through the local realtors in your area, as well as receive state and national exposure through the entire realtor community.
Many additional free-to-use websites such as Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com will also get your listing more exposure to the market. Your property will be registered on these sites, and many additional ones.
Register on our website as one of our listings. Once entered onto our site, everyone in our network will receive a Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn update from us about your listing.
A video log about your property will be entered onto youtube.com. We could do a virtual tour through your house or review some of the information – whatever makes the most sense from a marketing perspective.
Under certain circumstances, we will establish a separate and distinct website for your property. If you qualify for this feature, it means your property will be registered under its own domain name. This way potential buyers can be directed to your specific property website to get the best details available.

We feel it is of the utmost importance to get exposure on the web in order to increase the amount of potential buyers, get your house showed, and eventually get an acceptable offer.

Internet is not the only way to market; however, it is the most important by far. We will also provide a high quality yard sign to display on your property, possibly some directional arrow signs to get from major roads to your street, and advertise in local publications.

We could also conduct an open house, depending upon the circumstances of your property. Our open houses would get advertised locally, we would put up signs, and it will give your house more exposure.

The details covered so far are mostly our responsibility. However, the status of the property comes down to you and the way it has been maintained and/or cleaned up in order to make it marketable. Some examples include:

• Curb appeal

o Is the landscaping and/or the grass in good shape?
o Should the house be painted?
o Are storm water issues in check (gutters, other run off)?
o Fence in the yard?
o Clean the windows?
o Power wash the house?

• Inside the house

o Organize and clean the inside – clutter is not good
o Make your living area feel open and inviting
o Update bathroom fixtures
o Paint rooms in neutral colors
o Flooring should be cleaned

• Mechanicals

o Status of furnace – consider having it serviced
o Air conditioning – central or window units need to be up to date
o Electrical panel should be labeled and have adequate amperage
o Plumbing – make sure in proper working order
o Consider updating kitchen appliances

There are some additional ideas that can help make your home “show” very well to your field of potential buyers.

If it’s cold make sure the heat is on, if it’s hot make sure the AC is on
Make sure the house is full of light – open window coverings, keep the lights on (both inside and outside)
Create a good aroma in the house
Consider removing your vehicles from the property

The goal of a showing for your property is to make the buyer feel they could be comfortable there. We feel one of most important things you can do to help any realtor sell your property is to make sure you are NOT there. Many buyers will feel nervous and possibly rush through the tour if you are present.

On the surface, it may seem like a good thing to you to be there – it is not. Any questions, issues or concerns the buyer may have can be handled via communication between the realtors involved. If they are serious, they could easily come back for another visit.

Realtors are paid to help broker the deal between buyers and sellers, let us do that job for you. If there are great things you want to highlight about the house, please do so, however not in person with the potential buyer. We will make sure the buyer knows all the positives about your property as your representative.

The marketing of your property is the most critical area to get the house shown, and then sold. Setting the price right is extremely important, however, if you can’t get people to view your property, it will not sell.

Win Win wants to assist you in maximizing the price you receive and how quickly you can close. Please contact us today for more information.

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STEP 3: Marketing

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STEP 6: The Closing

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