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In step 2 we analyzed getting the right listing price for your property. Then in step 3 we completely reviewed the different things that can be done to market your house. Once you get your first offer, the deal needs to come together and at Win Win Realty that is our ultimate goal for you.

Even though we put tremendous effort into developing a solid list price, the odds of getting that list price in the offer is quite rare. It is just the nature of the market that the first offer will come in at something different than that price.

If the property is in an incredibly great position and it receives quick, multiple offers, they could be higher than the list price. The first offer received can also be less than the list price. In either case, the negotiations need to begin with the potential buyer.

Some examples of details that need to be ironed out:

If the buyer needs the house immediately they may be able to sweeten the deal to get it to closing sooner.
The buyer could be purchasing for cash – meaning they do not need a mortgage. This is good for the seller.
A purchase often involves financing and that usually requires an appraisal. You will need to work with them on scheduling that.
Is seller financing a potential option for you? If you don’t have a large mortgage to pay off yourself, or perhaps none at all, maybe you could finance part of the sale and earn interest on your money over time.
There may be a large repair or maintenance issue that they may ask you to fix prior to the deal becoming official. You have to decide if that makes sense and is fair.
We will help review it all with you, but you need to think about exactly what your “net” out of the transfer will be. There are costs for closing on a transfer and we will crunch the numbers with you.

There will be some dynamics that will be specific to your deal that are just impossible to anticipate. Whatever the situation dictates, please consider how you would feel if you were purchasing this property from someone you did not know. What would concern you? Be prepared to compromise.

We want the sale to be a “Win-Win” for both sides. This means both parties usually give some things up, but ultimately get the property sold for a reasonable price and under good terms. In the end, the buyer and seller should each be satisfied that they accomplished their respective goals.

STEP 1: Sell vs. Rent

STEP 2: Listing Price

STEP 3: Marketing

STEP 4: The Deal

STEP 5: Sale Preparations

STEP 6: The Closing

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