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Once the deal gets worked out, and there is a valid agreement in place between the buyer and the seller, there are certain tasks that require effort from both parties to get to closing.

This process is usually much more involved for the buyer; however, certain items are required of the seller as well. Some examples are:

Certain paperwork may be required related to the community in which the property exists. Homeowner association papers or a transfer certificate could be required.
Buyer may request a home inspection, and that needs to be permitted as soon as possible to keep things moving. As the seller you should NOT be there.
As part of the home inspection, the inspector will need access to any and all areas of your house – basement, attic, crawl space, etc. This person could even have some questions for you about the house. Make sure all utilities are on for that appointment and be prepared to possibly get some questions out of it.
Also be prepared for the potential that the buyer may come back to you with another proposal if something is uncovered during the inspection that is of a material nature.
If you have an existing mortgage that will need to be paid from the proceeds of the sale, make sure you get that information to the title company several weeks before closing.
Be sure to have all of your belongings out of the house well prior to the closing date.
A few days prior to closing, call your utility companies and set up disconnect dates. Provide the phone numbers to buyer’s agent so the new owner can get things connected as well.
Several days before the closing, there should be a document referred to as the HUD Settlement Agreement prepared by the title company that you can review. Ask us any questions you may have ahead of the closing.
Know the location of the closing. If it is a title company, have directions in hand.
Typically on the day of closing, the buyer will do a walk-through of the property to make sure it is as expected.
Bring the keys, a photo id and any other documents requested by the title company.

This time can be stressful for both parties because it seems like everything was worked out during the deal. If something goes wrong during this time of preparing for the sale to consummate, essentially get to the closing table, then the things done up to that point become meaningless.

Win Win’s detail-oriented nature, communication skills, and technological expertise will benefit both parties during this phase. We will meticulously make sure that things are done timely and efficiently to get you to the closing table.

STEP 1: Sell vs. Rent

STEP 2: Listing Price

STEP 3: Marketing

STEP 4: The Deal

STEP 5: Sale Preparations

STEP 6: The Closing

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