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We will be with you at the closing to insure that nothing goes wrong.

Once you are at the closing table you should still pay attention to what is going on with everything. Typically the buyer is signing numerous papers for the mortgage and going over many details with the title company. Usually you will be required to sign only a few documents, but remain engaged.

If there is a problem with something, it could delay your ability to walk out of the room with a check in hand. Mortgage companies, even the big ones, can have problems getting the flow of funds to occur. Most of the time it works out fine.

There also could be minor issues that change last minute, and it is completely normal for that to occur. You should have your checkbook handy in case a small amount is required on an unknown, just in case.

When all the documents are executed, you should get a cashiers check according to the HUD sheet reviewed and executed during the closing.

Congratulations you have sold your property!

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STEP 1: Sell vs. Rent

STEP 2: Listing Price

STEP 3: Marketing

STEP 4: The Deal

STEP 5: Sale Preparations

STEP 6: The Closing

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